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Solar Energy is:

Solar energy is a clean and unlimited source of radiant energy emitted by the Sun.
It is used today to make electricity where other power supplies are absent.
It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. The solar electricity that is produced can supply your entire or partial energy consumption.
Solar energy can only be produced when the sun is shining, while traditional generation sources can supply energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, solar can become available at all hours of the day using energy storage solutions like solar batteries.

Choosing Solar Energy:

Solar technology is a proven solution for reducing electricity bills and is now being widely adopted by most businesses in the country.
Solar is a great home efficiency upgrade to reduce your carbon footprint improving property value. It represents a clean, green, source of energy.
Having solar electricity in your home usually means setting up a solar photovoltaic system on your roof.

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